Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Experimenting with HTML

So a few days ago, i was searching around in my library of books and I came across one of the early book I had used to learn HTML. Its part of the "Simplified" series called "Creating Web Pages With HTML" 3rd edition. As I started to thumb through it for old times sake, I got to the "forms", "tables" and "multimedia" chapters and as I read on, it seemed more and more obvious that I just had to try my hand at an experiment. The experiment is to try and see if it really possible to create a simple text based adventure game using only HTML. Now many may say that this is impossible because HTML is not a programing language. But if you really think about it, anything can be done, its just a matter of how it gets done. So heres basically what I have right now as far as programing the game play. For starters, the only part of the code that will not be HTML, is the java scripts needed to create the pop up windows for the game. So when the player clicks on the "Play now" link the java script will pop up a 800 by 600 window, as well as opening the pop up world map. Most everything will operate by using hyperlinks, so actually creating this game will be extremely simple as far as creating flow, but it will get confusing managing all the differnt pages and links. So far, I have a working game menu, that have functioning "Play" "About" "Controls" buttons, plus a back button on every page that will return the player back to the main menu screen. The player screen will consist of A picture at the top of the window that will represent what part of the world the player is in, A map that will pop up when clicked on that will contain what stores, and other building that can be entered in that part of the world, as well as possibly an inventory, but thats an extra. Probably something I will end up working on once I get the initial game completed. The rest of the screen will be text describing the surrounding's, and giving the player options of what they want to do. For an example, maybe the player will be given choices "Talk to sailor", "Enter shipwrights", "Buy Item". Because of the game being text based, the use of vector graphics will not be used as much, but the text will be used to describe the world to the player. This game will be very reminiscent of the old "MUD's" with a few more cool features thrown in, plus a little more interactivity.

Book referred to in the begging of the article:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Awesome Game Development Program by EA games

I was searching around on Google for information on game development programs, and I found "The sims carnival game maker" developed by EA games. It looked cool, and seemed to have a pretty simple user interface, one that a complete beginner to expert would be able to find their way around in. I decided to downloaded it, and give it a quick spin. It only took about half an hour before I had a functioning game menu (which by the way is usually the hardest thing to make in a game) that would allow me to start a new game (which was the beginning of a simple space invaders clone), and also find information about the game. This program is very much like game maker because of it building block scripting system, but I actually prefer it to game maker because the scripting commands and options aren't as hidden as they are in game maker. Plus its completely free. I think i might actually attempt to create a full game using this program. stay tuned for updates.

Heres the link:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3D Environment Model

Heres a render from an environment model I have been working on. its 1024px by 768px. Hopefully I will get it into a 3D format soon so I can animate it. Game art still in the works! Coming soon

note: Click on for full size image

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting to work on a game!

Woohoo! So im getting ready to put some more time into learning C#. I had been taking a small break to give my brain a refresh period before I got back into it. I'm starting out simple, most likely a simple space invaders type game, with some cool graphics, audio, and GUI. Maybe even some cool explosions. I'm not going to try and move to fast, but learn as I go. Ill try to get some game art up soon. Time has been a little short with school and all. Stay tuned!
I decided to upload a few more signatures I created. I thought somebody might have a use for them. They are free to use for whatever, without having to give me credit, although I wouldn't be opposed to my name being dropped or a link being given should the opportunity arise:D


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Monday, June 23, 2008

Great book to learn C#

So I have been trying for some time to learn C# so I can use it in my game programming. Now even though I know that you cant learn C# in a day, I still felt like I wasn't really getting any results for all the work and time I was spending. So i decided to take some time and just browse the book shelfs at Barnes and Noble to see if I could find a book that would teach me in a progressive manner, and wasn't full of programmer jargon. I spotted this book on the shelf and after spending some time flipping through it, it looked like the perfect match. Its full of pencil notes that are helpful to the reader "me", and it starts off slow, and it moves its way up into developing more and more complex programs. It also includes links in the text to the website which contains all the resources and content for each project. At my Barnes and noble it was priced at 50$ which may seem a bit steep, but in the way of programming books, its a pretty good price. Anyhoo, I just thought I would post this book for anybody who might find it useful.